BIS/BISS CH. Nakodo's Blue Moon Rising, AOM


We knew at 8 weeks old this girl was something special. We just never realized how much she would accomplish. At 4 months old she attended her first AKC Match and goes Best Puppy in Match. At 7 months old, Blue attended her first AKC show, she takes Best of Breed over the male Specials. The following weekend she took back to back majors and Best in Sweeps. She went on to obtain her Championship quickly from the puppy class. At 15 months old she began her specials career (actually she was out for some practice) She went Best of Breed both days along with two Group Placements. She never looked back, with limited showing in 2006, Blue had become a group winner, with multiple placements all before the age of two.

* Multi Breed winner from the classes
* 2006 Number 7 Akita
* 2007 Number 2 Akita All Systems
* 2008 Retired in 2008 as a top 5 Akita
* 2007 ACA National Top Twenty winner
* Best in Specialty show winner
* 28 Group Firsts
* Westminster Kennel Club AOM winner
* 2008 ACA National Breeders Cup winner
* 2007 Best in Show winner

To say we are proud of this girl would be an understatement.
We couldn’t have asked for anything more from her, although she has given us a wonderful brindle girl named Dreamer who shows so much promise.
All we can say is…Thanks Blue, for taking us on such a wonderful ride, one we will never forget.




MBISS AM/CAN CH. Koti's Silver Eclipse of Akiko, RN, CGC, AOM, ROM


BISS AM/CAN CH. Akiko's Chosen by Faith








Blue winning her 28th Group First


Blue winning the Breeders Cup at the 2008 ACA Nationals

Blue winning an Award of Merit at Westminster in 2008




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